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Qualification : Undergraduate, graduate students, newly admitted students and Soongsil University faculty & visiting professors
Allocation Standard of Boarding Students : within 40% of new students and 60% of returning students
Boarding Period
- Semester (Approximately 4 months) ? 16 weeks
- Half-Yearly (Approximately 5.5 months) ? 25 weeks
- Yearly (Approximately 11.5 months) ? 51 weeks
- Vacation (Approximately 2 months) ? 8 weeks
Applicant Screening Process & Standards
1st Priority : Based on grades from the last semester among applicants living outside of Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi.
2nd Priority : Based on grades from the last semester among applicants living in Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi.
Students with disabilities, on government subsidies are selected first.
Newly admitted students are randomly selected within the same level of priorities,
Note this process does not apply to international students, who are guaranteed placement in the dormitory.
Applicant Selection
Students will be notified about an offer via email or can check out the list on the dormitory homepage. A residence offer is time-limited. If it is not accepted before the offer expiry date, it is withdrawn and your residence application cancelled.  If you miss your email offer, and fail to accept your residence offer before the expiry date, your housing application will be cancelled.
Additional Admittance : When a vacancy is available an offer will be made to the next person on the waiting list.
Security Depost : A refundable deposit of 100, 000 won is required in addition to the dormitory fees and should be included with full dormitory fee payment.
Boarding During the Period : When there are vacancies, students will be required to pay dormitory fees according to the following table.
Period Dormitory Fee When Boarding During the Period
Semester (4 months) Calculated on a 16-week period and pay fees including the corresponding week.
Half-Yearly (5.5 months) Calculated on a 25-week period and pay fees including the corresponding week.
Yearly (11.5 months) Calculated on a 51-week period and pay fees including the corresponding week.
Vacation (2 months) Calculated on 8-week period and pay fees including the corresponding week.
Room Assignment : Rooms are randomly assigned among the residents of the same occupancy period. However, a resident may request a roommate from among the applicants of the same occupancy period. If the other party agrees, they will be assigned the same room.
Moving In
Residents are required to observe the designated move-in date and time.
Residents are required to submit their Official Resident Registration Number (ARC ID) or additional documents to the dormitory administration before receiving their room key card and mattress covers. Then the resident should check their designated room for any problems. If one is found they need to submit the Equipment and Facility Problem Report immediately to the dormitory administration. If the report is not done, the resident will be held responsible for any damages incurred in the room.
Residents are required to be examined on the designated health examination day. (If the result of the health examination indicates that the resident is not suitable for dormitory living, the resident should move out immediately and the dormitory fee will be refunded.)
Residents are required to participate in the orientation.