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Awarding Points
- Emergency rescue and fire extinguishing 20 Points
- Voluntary work for others 18 Points
- Residents raising the honor of the dormitory 16 Points
- Contributing to creating an academic atmosphere within the dormitory 6 Points
- Reporting violations of the dormitory regulations 6 Points
- Maintaining clean rooms 4 Points
- Turning in found items 2 Points
- Other good conduct designated by the dormitory director Corresponding Award Points
Penalty Points
- Allowing nonresidents to sleep in rooms
- Distributing rumors or pornography on the network or throughout dormitory
- Using inflammables or hazardous materials
- Performing speculative actions and unauthorized illegal meetings or providing spaces for them
- Larceny
- Performing violent and/or uncontrollable acts under the influence of alcohol
- Sexual harassment and/or sexual abuse
- Damaging or abusing facilities and/or equipment
- Violation of school regulations and standards
- Not obeying the proper instructions of the manager
- Residents violating any of the acts above or similar acts
20 Points (Expelled)
- Smoking inside the dormitory 18 Points
- Changing allocated rooms arbitrarily
- Pets (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, aquarium fish and so on)
16 Points
- Possessing inflammables and hazardous materials
- Using unauthorized electronic heating devices
- Cooking inside rooms or bringing in outside foods (Except, guest houses and quadruple occupancies)
- Stealing or opening other residents mails
- Accompanying unauthorized outsiders or lending key cards to outsiders
- Not participating in the orientation
10 Points
- Creating nuisances and noises
- Moving in-house equipment to the locations other than designated ones
- Putting unauthorized stickers on the facilities
- Putting unauthorized stickers on the facilities
- Intentionally not reporting other residents for violating the dormitory regulations
6 Points
- Violating closing time
- Sleeping out without permission
- Going out for a long period of time without permission
- Not participating in the regular roll call
- Poorly cleaning their rooms or removing garbage without sorting out
4 Points
- Residents arbitrarily not participating on the regular roll call
- Residents poorly cleaning their rooms
- Residents removing garbage without sorting out
2 Points
- Second warning for poorly cleaning their rooms after regular roll call
- No entrance cards and arbitrarily passing the gate
1 Point
- Not performing various other instructions and awarded penalty points as determined the dormitory director Corresponding Penalty Points
- Reflecting Points

Penalty points will be applied to the applicant on their next application following the standard below.
4~5 awarding/penalty points - Add/Deduct 0.10 points when screening the applicant.
6 awarding/penalty points?- Add/Deduct 0.15 points when screening the applicant.
7~9 awarding/penalty points?- Add/Deduct 0.20 points when screening the applicant.
10~14 awarding/penalty points?- Add/Deduct 0.30 points when screening the boarding.
15 awarding/penalty points - Add/Deduct 0.40 points when screening the boarding.
16 awarding/penalty points or more - Not allowed to reside in the dormitory for one full semester.

- Forced Termination of Dormitory Contract
Residents with more than 20 penalty points.
Residents with less than 20 penalty points may also be expelled immediately regardless of their total, especially in cases where the resident markedly violates the order of the dormitory and/or shows no regret for his/her violations.
- Warnings
Residents with more than 16 penalty points
- Future Boarding Restrictions
Residents forced to move out
Residents violating the moving out procedures and poorly cleaning their rooms when moving out
Residents performing serious disturbances against the operation policies and inciting illicit activities
Other residents whom are judged to be not suitable for the dormitory living by the dormitory director