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Soongsil Residence Hall opened in March 2010, and was built to promote studentsí» academic achievements by providing them with pleasant living conditions and convenient facilities and to inspire its residents to expand their basic awareness of community living.
Soongsil Residence Hall, which has 2 basement levels and is 12 stories high, provides its services by accommodating the studentsí» needs through various types of rooms such as single, double or quadruple occupancy, and guest houses. Each room works to guarantee the privacy of the residents as much as possible. The residents can also enjoy maximum convenience with several on-site facilities; a gym, a multi-purpose room, a study room, a cafeteria, a convenient store, laundry facilities and an on-site post office. The dormitory is not only introducing a living environment suitable for the ubiquitous era by providing high-speed and wireless internet connections as a standard, but also securing a safe and pleasant living for its residents through a state-of-the-art security system.